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Welcome to the Thames Valley Junior Golf League

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The Thames Valley Junior Golf League is affiliated to the Bucks, Berks & Oxon Union of Golf Clubs. There are twelve member clubs of the League for 2020. Current member clubs are Bearwood Lakes, Calcot Park,  Castle Royle, East Berks, Frilford Heath, Goring & Streatley, Henley, Hennerton, Maidenhead, Newbury & Crookham, Reading and Sonning.

The objective of the league is to encourage all youngsters interested in golf to join their local golf club. The junior section of the golf club will encourage all its members to participate in all activities to improve their golf and personal skills.

There will be two geographic divisions of 6 clubs in 2020, with each club playing the other 5 clubs in their division once before the end of July. The winning team in each division will play the runner-up from the other divison in the semi finals with the divisional winners having home advantage. All four teams will play in a finals day on a neutral course in a championship match and a 3rd place play off.

Apart from the main League fixtures, the TVJGL organises The Stags Trophy, Golfer of the Year and TVJGL Open Medals. Details of all these competitions, together with other events in which the TVJGL participate, can be found on this web site.


The league was formed in 1977, and of the current member clubs, five were founder members. They are Calcot Park, Goring and Streatley, Henley, Newbury and Crookham and Reading.

Maidenhead joined for one year in 1978 and then rejoined in 1996. Sonning joined in 1979, Castle Royle in 2008, Frilford Heath in 2016 and Bearwood Lakes in 2018.

Badgemore Park was a founder member but left the league in 1995. West Berks joined in 1979 and left in 1997. Wokefield Park joined in 2000 and left in 2004. Donnington Grove joined in 2005 and left in 2006. East Berks joined in the mid 90s and left in 2015, but rejoined in 2020. Hennerton also joined in 2020

The group of people who attended the first meeting of the league were P. Day, G. Gooch, J. Leach, T. H. Evans, B. Yates, J. Jolley and R. Hooper. All played a great part in the formation of the league and its continued success over the years that followed. Three of that group donated trophies, which are still played for today. T.H. Evans donated the league shield, B. Yates donated the trophy for the inter league winners and J. Jolley donated the trophy for the league winners against the rest of the league match.