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League Rules - 2019

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1. That the League shall comprise of teams from Golf Clubs in the "Reading Area", and be known as "The Thames Valley Junior Golf League". Participating Clubs are: -
Calcot Park Castle Royle Goring & Streatley
Henley Maidenhead Newbury & Crookham
Frilford Heath Sonning Bearwood Lakes
2. Each club to be represented by a team of 5 players, plus two supernumeraries. In matches, players shall be' paired' in handicap sequence i.e. lowest handicap first. Team lists with handicaps to be exchanged on the day of the match, before play starts. The two supernumeraries cannot have a lower handicap than the team players. A representative of both clubs taking part in the match should be present throughout the match.
The home team Junior Organiser shall complete a results sheet and email it to the League Secretary and to the away team Junior Organiser within 48 hours of the match.
3. Games or Rubbers to be singles match-play over 18 holes. The winner in each game (or rubber) will be the player with "Holes-up" to his/her credit at the end of the game.

Games to be played on full handicap allowance, except when a boy plays a girl. The difference between the SSS of the Men's course and the Ladies’ course shall be added to the Girl's handicap. Strokes to be taken against the Men's card. To be eligible to play in the League, a player shall have a current CONGU handicap (a handicap with a following ‘c’). If a club cannot field a team with 5 CONGU handicap juniors, they may play a junior with a higher ‘club’ handicap, but this must be agreed in advance with the Junior Organiser from the opposing team and this must be stated on the result sheet. The maximum playing handicap is 28 for boys and 36 for girls.

Supernumeraries’ handicaps shall be equivalent to general golf club maximums

The winning team (i.e. with the most games/rubbers gained) to be awarded 2 match points; in the event of a draw, both teams shall be awarded 1 point each. The winner of the League will be the team with the most points at the end of the season. In the event of "a Tie", the team with the greatest number of games/rubbers to its credit will be the winner. In the event of there still being equality in the number of games/rubbers won, the team with the most holes up shall be declared the winner.

If any club cannot meet their match commitments in full during a season, all of their results will be deleted and will not contribute to the league table. In addition, any player results against that team will be removed and will not be considered for the Player of the Year standings
6. A result of 2 "holes up" to be recorded in favour of a player whose opponent fails to play or is ineligible to play for whatever reason (e.g. over age).
7. The "Home" club to be responsible for arranging the "Tee of the Day". Boys to play from the Men’s Medal Tee, and the girls from the Ladies Medal Tee.
8. The "Home" club to provide a snack meal to both teams, at "Home" clubs expense and to advise the away club on dress code
9. In the event of a match being cancelled less than 7 days from the date when it was due to take place, and it being impossible for the opponents to offer an alternative date, the "cancelling team" shall be deemed to have lost the match 0-5 (& 2 holes down in each rubber), and 2 points shall be awarded to their opponents. Note - Despite this rule, it is felt that rather than cancel a match, it is better to play with a depleted team, and that every effort should be made to find an alternative date, and if necessary, an alternative venue e.g. reversal of venue.

In the event of a match being abandoned due to dangerous conditions or the course becoming unplayable, the following shall apply:

- If no game has completed 9 holes then the match shall be replayed.

- If any games in the match have completed 9 holes, then the holes-up at the time of abandonment shall stand for those that have completed 9 holes or more. Any game that has not completed 9 holes shall be halved.

Note: the safety of all competitors is paramount. Players and officials must adhere to the host club procedures in the event of lightning or other dangerous conditions. Where there is a prospect of play being able to resume, teams should wait for a reasonable time (i.e. up to 1 hour) before abandonment for the day
10. The playing season to be completed by the middle of September in that year. If possible, games should be arranged before the middle of August.
11. The Shield presented by the late T. H. Evans Esq. will be awarded to the winning team and will be held for one year. Each member of the winning team shall be awarded an individual trophy and the cost of these trophies, to a maximum of 10, to be paid for by the league.
12. To participate in "the League" competition, a Junior must be a fully paid-up member of his/her Club, and under the age of 18 on the 31st August of the previous year (participation aligned to school year). .
13. All member clubs of the League shall send a copy of current handicaps & CDH numbers for their CONGU handicap juniors from their club database to the Fixture Secretary each year. This should before the end of March.

In the event of a Junior being a Member of more than one participating club in the competition, he/she shall only be permitted to represent his/her "Home" club – the club defined as such on the CONGU CDH system 

If a junior’s Home club on the CONGU CDH system is at another golf club that is not a TVJGL club, he/she may still represent a participating club if he/she meets the criteria in rule 12.

A player may only represent one club in the League during the course of a season. A player wishing to change his/her "home" club status between two League clubs must do so in writing to both clubs concerned. In addition, the previous "home" club must transfer the player’s CDH lifetime ID to the new home club, so that it is correctly stated on the CONGU CDH system. They can play in the League for their new home club this year if they have met the above criteria (and if they have not represented the original GC in the League already).

15. Generally, no caddies or the use of buggies shall be allowed. However, upon prior application to an opposing Junior Organiser, by a Junior Organiser (or recognised representative), this ruling may be altered; e.g. physical disability. The Secretary shall be informed of such requests.
16. No person (other than appropriate officials) may accompany any player on the fairways or on the greens during the course of play. Normal spectating is allowed from the edge of fairways and the circumference of the greens.
17. On the day of the competition, all junior members whether playing or spectating, should abide by the NO SMOKING rule that is a policy of The Thames Valley Junior Golf League.
18. The Secretary to publish the fixtures on the TVJGL web site; it is the responsibility of the respective clubs to agree a date for each match and inform the secretary of the date/time.  Any fixture amendments to be communicated to the Secretary at the earliest opportunity
19. A meeting of Club Representatives shall be held at the start and end of each season; it being left to the Secretary to call such other meetings as may be necessary. In the event of a matter going to the vote, each club shall be permitted one vote only, irrespective of the number of members present from each member club at an official meeting.
20. Any matter of dispute to be referred to the Secretary for a decision in consultation with two Club representatives of his/her choice not involved in the dispute.
21. Each club shall pay an annual subscription to the League. The amount shall be decided annually, at the end of the season meeting.
22. The Treasurer shall be responsible for League finances.

Other matters agreed by participating clubs.

"Home" club to grant "courtesy of the course" to the drivers of vehicles used to transport a team to an "away" match. This is intended as an incentive to car owners to volunteer the use of their vehicles, but it is requested that the number of vehicles used, shall be limited so far as possible.

Revised October 2017