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Golfer of the Year


The GOY tournament is held during the school summer holiday. Each member club enters a team of four juniors who play a medal round for team and individual prizes. The member club hosting the tournament is rotated through the nine TVJGL clubs, so that each club hosts the tournament once every nine years.

The 2019 competition was hosted by Henley G.C. on 29th May 2019. Prize winners were:.

Scratch Archie Smith (Bearwood Lakes) - 75 (ocb)
Scratch Runner-up   Sammie Colvin (Castle Royle) - 75
Scratch 3rd   John Wellman (Castle Royle) - 76
Handicap Edward Devlin (Newbury & Crookham) - Nett 68
Handicap Runner-up   Lottie Cadle (Calcot Park) - Nett 71 (ocb)
Handicap 3rd   Victor Matthews (Goring & Streatley) - Nett 71
Team Castle Royle - 214
Nearest Pin Sammie Colvin (Castle Royle)
Longest Drive John Wellman (Castle Royle)
Neatest Card Jack Graham (Newbury & Crookham)

Future hosts are:

2020 Reading
2021 Castle Royle
2022 Bearwood Lakes
2023 Goring & Streatley
2024 Maidenhead
2025 Sonning
2026 Newbury
2027 Frilford Heath


  Scratch Competition Handicap Competition
Winner Golfer of the Year Trophy
Replica trophy to retain
£60 Voucher
Best Nett Trophy
Replica trophy to retain
£60 Voucher
Runner Up £40 Voucher £40 Voucher
Third Place £30 Voucher £30 Voucher
Team Competition
Winner Best three Nett scores
Team Shield plus individual shields to all 4 team members

Also prizes for longest drive, nearest the pin and neatest card.

The 2018 competition was hosted by Calcot Park on 30-May-2018. Prize winners were:

Scratch Archie Smith (Bearwood Lakes) - 69 (ocb)
Scratch Runner-up   Melan Dhaubhadel (Calcot Park) - 69
Scratch 3rd   Harry West (Calcot Park) - 71
Handicap Nic Sullivan (Calcot Park) - Nett 64 (ocb)
Handicap Runner-up   Josh Chapman (Calcot Park) - Nett 64
Handicap 3rd   Max Watson (Bearwood Lakes) - Nett 65
Team Calcot Park - 195
Nearest Pin Lyle McLintock (Maidenhead)
Longest Drive Thomas Owen (Frilford Heath)
Neatest Card Tom Cole (Newbury & Crookham)

Final team scores were:

Calcot Park 195
Bearwood Lakes 204
Goring & Streatley 216
Frilford Heath 222
Henley 223
Newbury & Crookham 225
Maidenhead 228
Sonning 243

Full results are here - Handicap Scores

The 2017 competition was hosted by Frilford Heath on 29-Aug-2017. Prize winners were:

Scratch Mitchell Green (Frilford Heath) - 75
Scratch Runner-up   Josh Roche (Frilford Heath) - 78
Scratch 3rd   Alfie Forisky (Maidenhead) - 79
Handicap Jack Graham (Newbury) - Nett 69 (ocb)
Handicap Runner-up   Mark Dickin (Calcot Park) - Nett 69 (ocb)
Handicap 3rd   Jack Carter (Newbury) - Nett 71
Team Frilford Heath - 219
Nearest Pin Gregor Peberdy (Maidenhead)
Longest Drive Josh Roche (Frilford Heath)
Neatest Card Harry Grant (Frilford Heath)

Final team scores were:

Frilford Heath 219
Maidenhead 226
Newbury & Crookham 226
Calcot Park 231
Goring & Streatley Only 2 juniors completed rounds without NR

The 2016 competition was hosted by Newbury & Crookham Golf Club on 22-Aug-2016. Prize winners were:

Scratch Gregor McKenzie (Frilford Heath) - 71
Scratch Runner-up   Max Stradling (Goring & Streatley) - 75
Scratch 3rd   Melan Dhaubhadel (Calcot Park) - 76
Handicap Mitchell Green (Frilford Heath) - Nett 70
Handicap Runner-up   James Evans (Frilford Heath) - Nett 71
Handicap 3rd   Kieran Mansbridge (Frilford Heath) - Nett 72 (ocb)
Team Frilford Heath - 210
Nearest Pin Andrew Mead (Newbury & Crookham)
Longest Drive Tom Fleming (Newbury & Crookham)
Neatest Card Harry Powell (Calcot Park)

Final team scores for first 3 teams were:

Frilford Heath 210
Newbury & Crookham 225
Calcot Park 227

The 2015 competition was hosted by Sonning Golf Club on 10-Aug-2015. Prize winners were:

Scratch Aaron Siddell (Sonning) - 70
Scratch Runner-up   James Brady (Sonning) - 72
Scratch 3rd   Harrison Arnold (East Berks) - 75
Handicap Harry Bowness (Newbury) - Nett 67
Handicap Runner-up   Bradley Oliver (Maidenhead) - Nett 69
Handicap 3rd   Connor Ross (Calcot Park) - Nett 72 (ocb)
Team Sonning - 213
Nearest Pin Aaron Siddell (Sonning)
Longest Drive Angus Harris-White (Henley)
Neatest Card James Brady (Sonning)

Final team scores were:

Sonning 213
Newbury & Crookham 216
Maidenhead 220
Reading 221
Henley 222
East Berks 222
Goring & Streatley 226
Calcot Park 228

The 2014 competition was hosted by Maidenhead Golf Club on 28-Aug-2014. Prize winners were:

Scratch Lewis Bird (East Berks) - 70
Scratch Runner-up   Damien Hewitt (East Berks) - 73
Scratch 3rd   Aaron Siddell (Sonning) - 77
Handicap Lewis Bird (East Berks) - Nett 66
Handicap Runner-up   Bradley Oliver (East Berks - Nett 70 (ocb)
Handicap 3rd   Gregor Laing (Maidenhead) - Nett 70 (ocb)
Handicap 4th   Fraser Bown (Maidenhead) - Nett 70
Team East Berks - 207
Nearest Pin Ryan Walker (Reading)
Longest Drive Fraser McDonald (Sonning)
Neatest Card Darnell Scadding (Maidenhead)

Final 2014 team scores were:

East Berkshire 207
Maidenhead 216
Henley 224
Sonning 225
Goring & Streatley 227
Calcot Park 232
Newbury & Crookham 251
Reading Only 2 juniors entered