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Player of the Year


The following table displays the Top 20 Players based on the total matches played to date.


NameGolfClubNamePlayedWonHalvedLostPointsHoles Up% Record
Wellman, JohnCastle Royle65101720 91.67
Pressey, TobyCastle Royle74031522 57.14
Colvin, SammieCastle Royle74031515 57.14
Hewson, SamGoring and Streatley54011316 80.00
Noori, SaifBearwood Lakes54011311 80.00
Muliarov, MaximBearwood Lakes5401139 80.00
Hing, CharlieCastle Royle6312137 58.33
Estridge, Alexander Bearwood Lakes7304134 42.86
Watson, MaxBearwood Lakes63031210 50.00
Horner, FreddieGoring and Streatley6303127 50.00
Mead, SimonNewbury4310119 87.50
Halliday, WilliamCastle Royle53021114 60.00
Gale, HarryGoring and Streatley43011014 75.00
Devlin, EdwardNewbury43011013 75.00
Green, JackSonning43011010 75.00
Gouldby, OllieFrilford Heath4301109 75.00
Graham, JackNewbury4301108 75.00
West, HarryCalcot Park4301107 75.00
Pamphilon, JamesSonning3300920 100.00
Bearman, FreddieBearwood Lakes3300914 100.00